Maybe you figure it out but if not I'll tell you, I'm obsessed with tv shows, I could watch it all day. I found this tag and I thought that it will be fun do it.

1. Favorite tv show:
I'll give you my top 3
The Walking Dead

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Grey's Anatomy

wallpaper image cristina, gif, and greys anatomy image

Game of Thrones

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2. Tv show that you're ashamed to admit you watch:
There's a reality show made on my country called "Acapulco Shore", i don't know why I'm ashamed of watching it

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3. Favorite character of a tv show:
Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

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Stiles Stilinski, Tenn Wolf

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4.Tv show that you thought you wouldn't like and in the end you liked:
Skam, the first chapter it was weird for me but at the end I love it, its on my top 5.

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5.Character of a tv show that you don't like anything:
Iris West, The Flash
Since the beginning I don't like it, for me it's the most annoying character and bored.

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6.TV show in which you would live:
Obviously Gossip Girl, I don't need to explain why.

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7.Tv show of your childhood:
Winx Club

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8.Crush of a tv show:
I have a lot, for example
Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls

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Daemon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

ian somerhalder, damon salvatore, and the vampire diaries image

Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

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Chris Penetrator, Skam

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9. Have you had any songs from a ringtone opening?

10.What tv show did you left of see after being hooked?
Bates Motel

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11.Did you carry photos of tv shows in your folder?
I still do, my notebook of english it's from game of thrones Editar

12.Which tv show do you think is most overrated ?
To be honest I don't know

13.Favorite antagonistic character of a tv show:
Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time

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14.Tv show that everyone likes but you do not:
Glee, I find it boring, i tried to watch it a lot of times but I never finished it.

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15.The best end of a tv show:
The end of Gilmore Girls it's so satisfactory and so deserve it for all the characters

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16.The best pilot of a tv show:
The pilot of Grey's Anatomy it's my favorite of all the time, how they introduce the characters, omg I just love it .

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17.Have you seen a tv show several times?
Only the walking dead, grey's and gossip girl.

18.Tv shows that you need to see:
Friends, new girl, Breaking Bad, I need to finish Arrow, etc.

19. Favorite relationship
Isak and Even, Skam

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Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead

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Lily and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

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20. Best opening
One of my favorites it's Game of Thrones, I got chills every time I see it.

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Also the American Horror Story

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See you, xoxo