Dear Love,

Yeah you. Just wanted to say thanks! You light my day up like nothing else. You're the thing that practically gave me everything. You gave me my home, food, my whole personality basically, and so much more. I see you in the eyes of adoring children, the hands of the hardworking, the helping man donating everything that he can. The warm feeling in my chest when I look at him, or the laughter I share with my friends after the worst joke we have ever shared.

But sometimes love... you can be just so cruel.

You're the tears on Valentines Day, you're the dead roses in the vase. You're the choking cries on such a beautiful day. You're the reason some can't even breathe right. You are the reason some can't ever share a secret again. You can evoke rage in the snap of your fingers. Sometimes you don't even want to stay. You're the divorce papers, the aching pain of heartbreak. You are the lust, the cravings, the binge. But to me you're just love, the thing I see everyday.

Just another human