If the first thing that you think when you wake up is "I have so much on my plate," ➡ Read on!

1.) If my tip is going to work you need to have all your thoughts gathered together into one place on a paper or in a journal, so you can thoroughly articulate through your thinking without being disorganized! 💕

2.) I'd like you to go through your head and jot down all of the things that are really getting to you lately. More specifically, I want you to write down number by number, what is stressing you out and why.

You might feel intimidated to look at all of your problems on a sheet of paper, but trust me, this is a step forward to the solution. Is someone not holding up their end in a relationship? Is a deadline approaching and you're stressed that with the way other's schedules are, you might not get the edits on your paper back in time? Write these things down! 🌟✏

3.) Okay, once you have your problems on your journal/piece of paper, here is the most important part.

Listen carefully.

The thing that sometimes we as humans forget is that
most, if not every, problem is solvable. We get so caught up in the emotions and stress that we overlook that there are solutions out there, and we give ourselves unnecessary pain.🌅

There is a very large chance that the problems on your piece of paper are solvable, and so now we have step 4.

4.) Next to each problem, write down a possible solution for them. If they are not solvable immediately- don't worry. Just keep writing possible solutions. So the relationship that's a little rocky- you could talk it over, you could break up if things are really difficult, or you could take a break. Now with the potentially overdue paper- you could email the head that you are having issues, you can tell the editor to try and speed it up, or you can ask others who are experts for their help. There is a solution for almost everything. 🌸🌸🌸

And keep in mind, if you want to rid yourself of the stress of these problems. You MUST try and solve them.📋 While you may not be able to implement your solutions immediately, you have ways to solve the problem when you have time.

The fact that you came up with solutions should lift the burden off of you. Since you came up with possible solutions to the problems you have, you don't need to worry anymore.⭐ Your life is finally there for you to enjoy, and you can finally feel free without worrying about the issues you previously had.

So finally experience life for what it is, and let yourself relax. 💜🖤💖