No matter what you do to me i will always choose you over anyone
You could break my heart all over again and I will still love you
I know you aren't good for me and I need to let you go but it isn't easy

I loved you with every part of me
You can tell me you're happier without me but that won't stop me from trying to show you I am the one who will love you more than any girl
There is something about you I can't get out of my head

You don't deserve to be loved like this but somehow you messed with my head and I just can't stop loving you no matter what you do and I absolutely hate myself for it but there is nothing I can do to stop it because if there was I would of stopped a long time ago

I'm in love with you and I wish you would understand because anyone would kill to be loved like this but you're too blind to notice
It just doesn't seem fair how the one that breaks hearts always ends up happier while the broken hearted one is in pain for having real feelings

It is a scary thing that I'd put you before my own happiness and who knows how much damage this is going to cause me but like i said before, it's you over anyone

It will never be me that you can't stop loving but it sure as hell will always be you that I love