These songs have either been stuck in my head or some I might have stumbled upon and really liked them. I hope you guys find at least one song you enjoy :)

ps: most of these are from different genres but thats ok lol

  • Take - Echos
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  • What Lovers Do - Maroon 5 ft. SZA
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  • Quicksand - SZA
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  • We Had Everything - Broods
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  • Dusk Till Dawn - ZAYN ft. Sia
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  • Anemone - Slenderbodies
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  • Islands - Rynn
beach, summer, and ocean image summer, friends, and beach image
  • Such A Boy - Astrid S
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  • Over - Honors
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  • Die Trying - Mychl
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  • Come Home - BAYNK
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