There i was again
Past midnight, balcony standing
Air blowing against my skin
Cold, but sweet melodies play on the streets
Or thats what i like to believe.

The cigarette in my mouth
Sneaking out
Paranoid and quiet
Cover and light, red lighter tonight
The smoke takes a flight.

Arms crossed
Feeling lost
Puff out the clouds.

Stare at my feet,
Reflection in the glass
I look up to face the past
I see right through it now.

The intoxicating smell,
Mouth dry as hell
Hands smell like nicotine.

Take it in
Let it out
I lied to him about
This being the last pack
My hair covers my shame.

I cried, i tried
To him i'd never lie
I i was supposed to commit.

But tonight im blue
Anger and pain i can never explain
Makes my chest feel like weights
I try to be true.

I'll promise
I'll beg
He won't believe me next
And won't ever forive or forget

Anxiety peaks
Sad eyes weep
My fears start to speak
The world spins around
I wear my invisible crown

And be the Queen of my Honest Lies.