As we should all know, social media and the internet has it's ups and downs. On the bright side, it leads to the spread of ideas and knowledge. Before I start, this is a day one of a 15 day writing challenge that I am trying to do. Here is one of the major problems of social media....

Cyberbullying. Although some people have no problem posting selfies and model pictures, those are the people that don't get criticized when doing so. There is a side of the internet that isn't entirely shown properly. People get critiqued on appearance and the way they live life! Am I the only one who thinks that's insane? No, I know I'm not. I really thought that it would have completely disappeared in 2017, but it really won't because society thinks that a part of our right of freedom of speech is to judge others in an inhumane way. Luckily, I have not every been cyberbullied so I cannot relate to the feeling of this. For those who have been cyberbullied or even just regularly bullied, ignore them and live. If it gets too bad where they are physically hurting you, tell someone. If it gets too bad where you are hurting yourself (physically or emotionally), find a friend, or use me, and rant and even fish for compliments. Yes, I know "fishing for compliments" is put in a bad light, but if you need it because you are feeling insecure, then why not? Anyways, it won't matter in 1-3 years (if not less). I was bullied back in 5th grade for a week and I understand that's not bad, but I'm trying to relate my personal experiences into more realistic ones. I'm a sophomore in high school now and all I can think about my bully is "screw him". He made up nasty rumors and it was a load of crap, but my friends had my back, so it wasn't that bad.

Key Points :
-Social Media can be bad.
-Your friends are here for you.
-Your parents are here for you.
-Even I'm here for you.
-It'll be okay because bullies won't matter.