Welcome. Fall is quickly approaching, and one of the essentials for fall is our outfits. It's especially needed that you know how to dress properly for the upcoming season. Anyways make sure to heart this article and message me anytime for ideas or advice. Thank you for reading.

Okay so #1 thing you need to have in your closet is some cute ass sweaters. I prefer some slightly oversized sweater, when I wear really tight sweater it really itches me. You wanna be comfortable in your clothing. You can honestly pair sweaters with anything. I think its really cute to wear some distressed denim shorts. Although you might be cold, you're still gonna look popping for those boys or girls.

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#2 You're gonna need some cute ass shoes, I feel like shoes can complete a look or tie everything together. For fall some knew high boots are really cute when wearing shorts. Also they're some ankle boots, pairing those boots with some leg warms would totally complete the look especially when wearing a skirt perhaps.

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#3 You gotta have some hairstyle. Although rolling outta bed with the "bed head" look is easy. You still wanna look presentable. For people that are probably really lazy and that haven't wash their hair in probably 2 days. I suggest you take some dry shampoo, it makes your hair less oily and gives your hair some texture beside having it flat and tangled. Quick hairstyles are some braids, usually when I don't feel like doing something complicated with my hair. I just do a simple braid on the side, you wanna make sure to loosen it up and take a few hairs from the side so it frame your face. This braid makes your hair look soft and natural. Another easy hairstyle is the half up half down, it makes your hair seem really bouncy and voluminous. It also really cute if you end up curling your hair and doing the half up half down style, it makes your hair cute and easy. The other hairstyles are the ponytail and a bun. Those hairstyle are like the "running late" styles.

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#4 and last is accessories, those can totally make your outfit pop. Some cute accessories are some cute jewelry. Wearing necklaces or chokers can really change people's perspective. Also wearing earring are very essential. Simple earring are pearls, or some small hoops. Leg warmers are also something you need to get, especially when wearing some type of boots. Also scarfs are really nice, you want to make your self warm but also looking nice.

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Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. Make sure to follow me for more articles and such. 💗