Here are some currently popular/fashion styles that I absolutely adore.

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wrap dresses.

Wrap dresses are so classy and elegant and feminine. They compliment nearly all body types very well.

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tie-up shirts

Tie-up shirts look so amazing with nearly everything and they are elegant, feminine and classy. With some floaty shorts, maxi skirts or trousers in a bold print they are perfect for tourist vibes while staying cool and casual. They can also be dressed up very easily with either pleather skirts or classy trousers. They are just a modern day staple to me.

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striped trousers

Striped trousers are amazingly comfortable while also looking cool and classy. If the day is slightly cloudy they would be an excellent choice. They look amazing paired with a matching shirt, a bandeau or a plain crop top. They also really look good with backpacks and little purses to carry your stuff.

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paper-bag waist trousers

They firstly make your waist look teeny and your thighs thicc but they are very professional looking.

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lace bodysuits

lace bodysuits are so casually sexy yet can be dressed up so effortlessly.

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stripes/nautical themes

Stripes just never go out of style and there is evidently so many ways to wear them.

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Satin is possibly the most comfortable material you can wear. The way it feels against my skin, personally, I find quite orgasmic tbh. It's also effortlessly sexy and classy.

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Red compliments every skin tone so well. As a pale girl it looks vibrant and eye catching yet when I tan it enhances the tan so nicely.

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oriental prints

Mildly controversial but they are so beautiful to look at.

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Bandeau's are so IG baddie its unreal. They really compliment all size boobs imo and there is not many things you cant wear with them.

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plain button down shirts

SO CLASSY!! very easy to style.

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lacy playsuits

just another quick one, I feel like they're so feminine and pretty, especially in white.

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platform heels

just easier to wear then regular heels lets be honest.

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a really hot trend right now! nearly every girl on IG is wearing some form of camo and it's lowkey very 90's. I think interesting colours like pink instead of classic khaki are even better ways to pull off this look.

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pink denim

way more fresh and updated than regular blue,black and white denim.