You see the girls on instagram living their dreams, traveling, and simply embarking upon every single thing their heart desires. You yearn for that. You yearn for financial freedom and that view from your luxurious hotel in Paris. Often we say to ourselves, "I couldn't have that." Or, "That's not very realistic."

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Girl, you must've forgotten that entrepreneurs and people with ambition in general are natural born risk takers!

If you're finding yourself with an imaginary dark cloud over your head and the idea that everyone's doing better than you... I'm here to remind you of the fact that that mindset could possibly be hindering you.
Here's why you can't seem to "have it all".

1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... comparison kills.

If you find yourself glancing at her life and wishing you had it... walk the hell away.

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Regroup, and recenter yourself onto the contents of your own life.

2. You're probably so focused on all the negative things occurring in your life that you've completely missed the positives

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If you can, try to write down five positive things that transpired throughout your day to keep your mind on the positives. Like attracts like so be cautious of where your focus goes, ladies.

3. You don't believe that you can have what you desire

It it's so crucial that whatever you do, you do it with a large amount of belief and elegance. In order to execute anything, you've gotta believe wholeheartedly that it can be done, that you can have it, that you deserve it. You're unstoppable. Don't forget that.

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The takeaway: Put your all into whatever you're doing. Stop worrying about everyone else and focus on YOU. You are beautiful, you are capable, and most of all, you're the sh*t. You CAN have it all if you keep a positive mindset and keep pushing.

Girl Boss Elle