My favorite sad songs

Can I be him-James Arthur
James Arthur has an amazing voice and the lyrics are just beautiful and heartbreaking.

Don’t wanna be your girl-Wet
This is the kind of song that you hear on a rainy day,is really calm and beautiful.

All I want-Kodaline
This song breaks my heart,the official video is really beautiful.

One and only-Adele
This is not a “sad song” but for me has heartbreaking lyrics,and Adele’s voice is really good.

Supermarket Flowers-Ed Sheeran
This one is about losing someone,it has really beautiful and sad lyrics.

The first time I heard this song I was really intrigued for who the girl was,and the history behind this song is what makes me love it.

The scientist-Coldplay
Coldplay has amazing songs but this will always be my favorite,the lyrics and the music is just perfect.

Talking to the moon-Bruno Mars
Another song about losing someone,I love this song.

Let me love the lonely-James Arthur
Tbh,James Arthur voice always makes me cry,he sings with pasion and this song is my favorite of him.

Lost-Michael Búble
Michael is one of my favorite singers and this song is really good,also the music video is so cute.

Lost Stars-Adam Levine
This song is cute.

Can’t help falling in love-Haley Reinhart
This cover is reallyyyy good,it makes me feel really calm.

🌹This are my favorite songs from the moment,I change every month so if you want you can follow my playlists in Spotify,my user is:Natalia Artigas