❝ once the sea came to visit me, it told me stories about its lover and how bright she would shine every night, dancing in the water along with millions of stars.

j.t // millions of years ago (via katefulleir)

i. no one ever loved by lykke li;
ii. close to you by carpenters;
iii. wake me by bleachers;
iv. flow by ultravox;
v. i can fly by lana del rey;
vi. anywhere by passenger;
vii. young, wild & free by joe brooks;
viii. past lives by børns;
ix. you are in love by taylor swift;
x. overnight sensation by børns;
xi. clouds by børns;
xii. the emotion by børns;
xiii. writer in the dark by lorde;
xiv. circles by passenger;
xv. lucky ones by lana del rey;
xvi. a dustland fairytale by the killers;
xvii. heart like yours by willamette stone;
xviii. i don't want to miss a thing by aerosmith;
xix. young blood by birdy;
xx. ribs by lorde;
xxi. the nightingale by julee cruise;
xxii. some kind of love by the killers;
xxiii. city of stars by ryan gosling and emma stone.

https://open.spotify.com/user/emmafrcst/playlist/7prooqyH1Sm6miKxeD6pLE | some of the most beautiful i've ever heard.