okay so halloween is right around the corner now, and by right around the corner I mean 37 days away but its honestly closer than it sounds!
so, me being me has already started watching halloween films and has been for the past few months im not gonna lie!
so here's a list of my favourite halloween films which put me in the spooky-spirit!

1.the corpse bride

honestly this film is so underrated and that is so annoying because this is literally one of my favourite films! its funny, sad, thrilling and romantic and its such a cute story line I love it so much!


random fact here, this film is so good I named my dog after sparky the dog in this and I couldn't be happier with the name because it such an incredible film! its so sad and emotional yet full of funny parts aswell even though its in black in white it still makes it onto my Halloween wall of fame!


im not gonna lie, I used to be so scared of this film when I was like seven even though its only a pg lol! its another amazing tim burton film so hats of to you tim! its really strange and funny, scary and exciting!

4.the nightmare before christmas

now, the film you have all been waiting for and I know you have all heard of this film so many times but im not mentioning because its bad am I? its actually so good! this film is about as halloween-ie as it gets (sorry for the made up word) and I recommend it even if you have already seen it like a hundred times!

5.monster house

okay if you haven't already seen this already then what are you doing with your life? jokes of course but you should watch this honestly it was my fave Halloween film for like 4 solid years its funny, sad, scary and action-packed!


this film is actually really unknown and uncommon so I thought id throw it in the mix because its great and deserves to be recognised its a horror and its so creepy and not for the faint hearted but horror is my favourite genre so its great in my eyes!


you can either watch the remake or the original the origional is actually pretty creepy but also quite comedic as for the remake, im actually going to see it at the cinema tomorrow morning and it looks amazing, i'll try to post a review on it. its a very creepy horror film full of clowns and creepy things and its amazing!


Halloween is a horror film with a really creepy murderer in it with this terrifying mask its a typical murderer story line with freaky twists and a good plot line its so scary though omg!

9.the addams family

the addams family is a family of weird and unusual emo people with black hair and weird names its really funny, weird and Halloween-ie!

10. beetle juice

okay beetle juice is a really weird film its full of creepy dead ghosts and other strange things, another amazing tim burton film (like all the others)

so know you know what to watch go grab a blanket, some chocolates and a pipping-hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows and get comfortable and enjoy some quality film-watching time!

I hope you find this help full and enlightening, good night! <3x