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Winter where I live is normally freezing cold however we get some mild temperatures. I would wear big hoodies, if it is affordable then branded hoodies and sweaters are especially nice and are usually better quality. I really like big oversized cable knit cardigans in mustard, beige and grey but a staple in my wardrobe are denim jackets. I think it is nice to go for an unlikely colour such as pink because it is easy to transition to spring and possibly summer if your summers are cold. Anything oversized is perfect actually because it is comfortable to work in and is also stylish. However, cropped sweaters on mild days really do make your waist look snatched and therefore more confident.

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Spring for me is all about white, light wash denim, pink and baby blue. Silky satin materials and oversized button up shirts tied at the waist has been my favourite trend to wear this year. I love how effortlessly cool it looks and its so comfy. It looks especially good paired with mom jeans for that art student vibe. Big baggy t shirt dresses with some vans or satin shirt dresses with some booties and a back pack is also a really comfortable, chill outfit that is easy to work in but also nice to wear out if you are doing anything after college. Graphic shirts and sweaters paired with denim and faux leather skirt is also another really simple yet classy look. Another very specific but cute look I have been loving is big graphic tees over striped shirts, it is especially good for colder days.

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honestly most of these outfits are very similar however i find summer style so simple and breezy that basics are essential. pops of colour like red crop tops against denim skirts give off such an easy vibe and often enhance tans. if you ever feel like looking a bit better than usual or just want to feel extra confident, basic strappy bodycon dresses similar to what Bella Hadid wears are such a great option. if its really hot I love the pairing of cut off shorts with cami's but if your school is more strict when it comes to shorts and professionalism, styles similar to the image above are excellent. a vibrant yellow or orange would look amazing.

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autumn is most definitely my favourite month but personally i think the hardest to dress for! where i live it is either freezing cold or sticky and hot and it often changes throughout the day. because of this i really like wearing dungaree dresses or skirts because you can easily go to the toilets and put some tights on underneath. puffer jackets are also a big trend right now, atleast in the UK, and they are perfect for autumn as they arent too warm or too thin. earthy neutral tones are also a staple for me.

I doubt anyone will care about this but its just fun to do.