I'm not gonna lie, I've always loved summer. The temperature, vacations, the infinite enjoying of every moment whether you're lying on the beach while the sun is giving you those sweet chills, jumping wild in the club, not caring who is watching or what they're thinking or sitting in the middle of nowhere with someone who means to you, talking for hours about stupid and smart stuff... I have to say, those moments truly deserve to be in our memory for the rest of our lives. Those flashbacks are very special and dear to me.


This year, there's something about this fall... A strange loveliness in the wind, warm coziness in the soft sweaters and incredible taste in all the hot coffees and chocolates.

autumn, girl, and fall image
Why is it different this time?

Honestly. I don't know. I'm not one of those people who like to admit not knowing something (everything, actually...). But I totally feel the surroundings within every breath and thought. And let me just honor those colors and atmosphere with a word - beautiful.

autumn, sweater, and fall image sweater, autumn, and fall image room, grunge, and bedroom image
Looks so warm and fuzzy and sweet...

So, don't miss your chance to enjoy this nice feeling you can get every time you get in your bed, listening to your favorite song and doing whatever it is that's fulfilling . Use this weather that's perfect for interesting trends and fashion, perfect for on and on talks with something warm in the cup and lovely for a day in bed with movies and/or cuddling with your loved ones.