I want to know cities, learn from cultures and see wonders of different colors. I want to walk for miles and miles, speak other languages and understand others with smiles. To see the world with all the glances that I have, from the cloudy days and from the sunny ones, from spring and from autumn, from the top and from the bottom, from the big and the small.
By airplane, car, bus and walking. I want to meet. I want to learn. I want to travel, because it is definitely one of the best decisions that can be made. It is impossible not to call it "investment," because you always get a profit. I want to open the doors to countless people, to know stories and to feel happiness, that "happy" that fills you, that completes you.
I want to travel alone, with friends, with my family, with a lover. But above all I want to travel with myself. I want to go far, but also close. I want to see mountains, seas, lakes, forests and cities.
I want to get lost and I want to find myself