hello everybody, I hope you are all doing great :)
lately, I’ve been obsessed with braids so I wanted to share with you some amazing hairstyles to try throughout the week and make people wonder who did your hair.
I've also added a few tutorials if you happen to need it :)

monday: braided half updo, because it's monday, let's just take it easy

beauty hair beauty beauty


tuesday: double dutch braid for both short and long hair, in a messy bun or in ponytails, I love them anyway

braid braid article beach


wednesday: upside down braid, I've only recently learned how to do this one and I'm doing this literally everyday

blonde Superthumb braid braid


thursday: rope braid , this is soo sweet!

blonde beauty braid hair


friday: topsy tail braid, no braiding skills needed but still super eye catching

diy blonde beauty hair

saturday: pullthrough braid, not the fastest one but it's so amazing, you can make it as edgy as you want and is going to stay right there forever, I promise

beauty blonde beauty Superthumb

sunday: braid to messy bun, it's sunday so let's make it messy and effortless

blonde hair beauty blonde

and don't forget to add accessories to spice up the hairstyles!

daisy bow hair bun braid glitter

I hope you like this and happy braiding :)
take care!
Juliet ~♥