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I don't know if this happens cause i was born in september,but I love so much this season.For the first time,I want to say that this is my first post and I'm Romanian,sorry for mistakes.Because I'm in love with this season.Ok,so,let's get started.If someone have a question for me,I'll answer. WHY I LOVE AUTUMN? 1.MYSTERIOUS season:All that I see everyday is beautiful,I feel like I am in a movie or something like this.The view is awesome,just look at this and try to say that it's not true. 2.Hot DRINKS:God,who doesn't love the chocolate or a cappuccino when the weather is so cold?It's so good to stay in bed,watching a movie and drink a cappuccino.Try it!
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3.BOOKS:I don't really like to read books,but I think that now is the perfect moment to do it.Books about love,about childhood,about all that you love.And here you can see a grate picture: 4.What about talking with your GRANDPARENTS about their life?It's so interesting and I'm sure that so many grandparents have intresting things to say .And you can read their letters or see their pictures,I don't know..
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5.SWEATER:You can wear whatever you want,but for me,a sweater is the best option .I love some like this: 6.I forgot about Halloween:In Romania,we don't celebrate this but I think that it's something interesting.I want to participate to something like this: OK.THAT'S IT!IF YOU LIKE THIS,I CAN DO A SECOND PART AND I THINK THAT MY NEXT POST WILL BE ABOUT ROMANIA TRADITIONS. <3