I don`t save you, you just save me from this replaying history. ~ Andjeli. R

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Nothing is your fault.

Can someone tell me why all the things replaying hundred times? Why did I have to die?
Do the persons I gave about missing me?

You haven`t to thanks me for saving your life. I`m just the person that have to thank you for saving my life. You thought that nobody gave about you. I never showed that I gave about you sorry for that but still inside me you really has a place in it. I don`t wanted that you die. That was the reason why I stopped you from hurt yourself. Every time the same part was replaying but that was because the fate didn`t want that you die, but me. You have a future. I hasn`t. Now the same part don`t replaying anymore. But unfortunately I lost everybody I gaved about. So many times I thought they didn`t care about me. Now I'm dead and I see how much you and the other people I gaved about me and crying so much that they lost their self in the tears. I always thought that the world gonna be better without me. One day we all be together and we don`t feel lost anymore. My life was perfect.

I make this quote after I saw the inspiring movie Before I Fall.

- Andjeli. R

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