Happy Friday! Hope your weeks were fantastic (and if they weren't then cheer up 'cause its the weekend). Anyways. Music.

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#1. Feel It Still- Portugal. The Man

This is undoubtedly the best alt-rock song being played on the radio currently. The grooving bass line and fun vibe make it a must listen, preferably on repeat for an entire day. The sub melodies and cool effects strewn throughout the song make it incredibly unique, and yet it still feels like a classic.

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#2. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)- AWOLNATION

Hollow Moon sounds like no other song ever (that I've heard at least) and I am absolutely in love with it. Bruno does a fantastic job of mixing his own unique sound with his rock roots. What we get is this fresh, grooving gem of a song with hard hitting verses and a stellar funk rock chorus.

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#3. Im So Sorry- Imagine Dragons

Does anyone else miss Imagine Dragons' alt-rock phase? For me, this song perfectly represents Smoke + Mirrors with its steady, rocking beat and its intense vocals. I've allways been a sucker for a good heavy guitar riff.

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#4. Higher- Mondo Cozmo

The first time I heard this song was live, and I immediately fell in love. The creative, steady percussion gets you hooked instantly, and the gritty guitar and bass get you to stay. Higher is not only a great piece of music, but also does an incredible job of showing off Mondo Cozmo`s unique sound.


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#5. Animals- Coast Modern

Animals is a not-so hidden gem that took me waay too long to find. The song has a super interesting feel built on a blend of smooth guitar, a steady beat, and soft flowing ambience. It`s simple, but a very loveable song in my opinion.


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#6. Red Flag- The Moth and the Flame

I wasn't very familiar with this song untill I started building this playlist, but now I absolutely love it. It's a classic alt rock song, with simple guitar riffs and a steady beat. Nevertheless, it's still worth a few (or more than a few) listens.


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#7. Life Itself- Glass Animals

I do my best to sound somewhat sophisticated on these reviews, but this song is so good I kind of want to add in like a million exclamation points to every sentence I write. Life Itself uses an incredible and unique beat with chimes and a deep bass drum that you can feel deep in your soul. Every time you listen do it you pick up on a new submelody or harmony, and if you don't listen to any song on this playlist but this one I will not be offended.


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#8. Train- Brick + Mortar

Train does exactly what it says, makes you want to get on a train and run away. The song has a super positive and uplifting vibe, and makes you want to get up and dance. Another interesting thing about this song is the gritty effect on the vocals in comparison to the clarity of the other instruments, it makes the song feel both retro and modern.


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#9. No Good- Kaleo

If you dont consider yourself a rock person this song will change your mind. The many diverse and intricate guitar lines give the song such a big hard rock vibe, but the writing and theory of the song is very alternative sounding. It's also hella fun to learn, so if you want a challenge...


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#10. Howlin' For You- The Black Keys

This song is similar to No Good in that it's a little more alt than rock, but it's still a good song. The heavy beat and gritty delay guitar make you want to get up and I don't know, do somehing illegal. Knock yourselves out, kids.


Please leave a heart if you want more of these and feel free to send me good song or genre suggestions. Happy listening!


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(Special Side Note: SOOOOOO sorry for this being a day late, I'm trying really hard to be consistent but my wi-fi went out yesterday and I couldn't post.)