As you know, fall has arrived. One of my favourite seasons. And I thought I'd make this to get myself and everyone else into the fall spirit!

cosy jumpers and scarves

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one thing I love about fall is wrapping up in cute jumpers and oversized scarves. scarves really complete an outfit, and they're super soft.

going outside

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fall is my favourite time of year to go on walks. the air is fresh and crisp and nature is beautiful. I love walking through leaves and hearing them crunch and seeing all the gorgeous colours they are.

hot drinks

autumn, fall, and fire image autumn, coffee, and fall image coffee, autumn, and chocolate image autumn, coffee, and cosy image
I feel like fall is when hot drinks taste the best. such as coffee, hot chocolate, tea and spiced lattes. they also taste even better with a sprinkle of cinnamon added.


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I have a passion for decorating, so as soon as fall arrives I whip out my throw cushions and blankets and cover my room in fairy lights and trinkets.