Okay loves, I know you have seen many of these types of articles. But i am a junior in high school and i feel like i need to share some of my tips that i have used and am currently using to get through high school. So get our your journals and be ready to write.

As we all know high school can be total hell. But it all depends on how you see it. Many of us see it being like the movie Mean Girls. A bunch of stereotypes, drama, and boys. Or maybe you see it as being like the Disney movie High school Musical. Happiness, meeting the love of your life, and having a bunch or really cool friends. But lets be honest. High school is like neither of these movies and probably never will be. So don't get caught up in these fantasies.

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  • Many people when they get to high school try to change the way they look and the way they think. Believe me. Change is apart of life. But we make the mistake of trying to change for someone elses happiness instead of our own. So just be yourself :)
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  • Okay so sadly it is true what they say. High school is a lot of work. So many people just try and slack their first two years of high school. Which is a HUGE mistake. The four years you have in high school are like the buillding blocks of your life. So just try really hard to do good. Don't slack off. You will regret it later.
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Tip 3; Get involved
- Im not saying you have to join band or sports or anything like that. Im just sayiing join some clubs or even create your own. Even just going to football games to support your team is getting involved. You don't just want to do nothing. Because then its all work and no play :( It is also a good way to make some friends.

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Tip 4; Don't look for the love of your life
I think many people in high school have troube with this. A lot of people try to look for the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend. It dosen't usually work that way. Don't go into high school expecting to find the person you will be with forever. Focus on yourself. Im not saying you can't date people but just know love comes when it comes.

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Some High School Essentials :)

- School Music Playlist - So for me music is what helps me get through the school day awake. It also puts me in a better mood so school dosen't seem so bad. Just compose a playlist of your fav songs and jam out.

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- Lotion/Perfume - So if your like me you probably don't like smelling bad. So i recommend bringing lotion or perfume just in case after gym or something you don't smell bad. Because you know sometimes during the day you get sweaty and you just can't help it.

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- Small Snack - So during the day i know i get hungry. Its just inevitable. So i tend to bring a small snack or even a drink will help you feel more energized through out the day. I recommend a granola bar or if you bring drink bring gatorade or something like that. It will help. Trust me.

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Okay guyss soo i hope that helped some of you. High School is honestly really hard and just remember that your not alone. I tried to give you some the tips that i use to get through my days. Sorry if this article is a little long :) But hopefully you enjoyed. Until next time... - Jaz