Image by Mc.Britain aesthetic, aesthetics, and grunge image bullet journal, journal, and book image flowers, journal, and art image
#JOURNAL -Escribir mis pensamientos -Escribir frases que se me ocurren -Escribir mis teorias sobre el universo -Decorarlos con: dibijos, fotos, washitapes, stickers, plantas
art, rose, and drawing image art, aesthetic, and indie image Image removed pink, aesthetic, and art image
#PAINT -Pintar a personas que me inspiran -Inventar personajes -Pintar plantas
plants, room, and indie image artsy and cool image Image by MohammedSwedan bedroom, room, and decor image
#ROOMDECOR -Luces -Fotos -Plantas -Colores -Flores -Espejo -Mapas -Planetas
book, vintage, and indie image book, library, and read image book, milk and honey, and aesthetic image book, coffee, and tea image
#READ -Novelas -Poemas
fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetics, awesome, and backpack image girl, grunge, and school image fashion, pink, and skirt image
#CLOTHINGSETS -Estilo 90' + Paris -Boina francesa -Colores pastel y mate
amelie, amelie poulain, and movie image Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image lolita and vladimir nabokov image Flagged For Review
eyes, makeup, and glitter image cosmetics, follow, and hair image makeup, flowers, and aesthetic image makeup, eyes, and beauty image
#MAKEUP -nudes -mate -brillos -pecas
flowers, girl, and nature image flowers, nature, and garden image Image by Sami Varas flowers, aesthetic, and nature image
series, eleven, and tv series image candle, gif, and zoe image skins, cassie, and cassie ainsworth image pretty little liars image