She listens to love songs, drawing. Hoping the teacher won't notice.

She looks at him from the corner of her eyes to catch a single glimpse of him. Even if she knows he doesn't know she exists.

Every time she hears him speak, his voice sounds like music to her ears.

When she sees him laugh, her heart skips a beat, as she smiles like a lovestruck idiot.

She doesn't dare approach him, or talk to him, because she knows she'll act like a moron. She knows he's out of her league.

She looks at him from across the room hoping he'll make the first move but it doesn't happen.

The way he talks with his friends without a care in the world and the way he smiles, makes her heart flutter.

Although, she is aware that she doesn't stand a chance with him.

she knows she'll just be that girl in his class.