I been thinking for a while what my first blog post was gonna be and I thought why not make it about all the reasons I love fall, Even though that's like half of the blog post right now. Also sorry for all of the spelling and grammar errors because there will be a lot.

Whenever I think of fall the first thing that comes to my mind other then Halloween is happiness. Why well I just always find that I'm so much happier in fall the sly is dark, the air is warm you get to wear oversize jackets. Plus everyday is cuddle weather and whats better then that?

Whenever people ask me why I love fall so mush I always say that it's because fall seems to be the only time of the year were my depression seems to leave me alone for a bit. When You have depression it's so hard to be happy or even to find things that make you happy. Fall is just one of those things that ever fail to make me happy.