Hi people!Yesterday Iposted my first article, and now it has like 72 hearts I think and I wanted to do another one, so I thought that it would be funny and maybe interesting talk about Anime! Iff you don't know what they are, well, they're like japanese cartoons, but they aren't just like cartoons, the stories are very particular, like serie.
So , I started watching Anime I think 2 years ago, and I started with Tokyo Ghoul, that is my favourite. Tokyo Ghoul should be an horror anime, but actually I cried a lot when I saw it.
Personally I saw Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titans, Tora dora, Kotoura-San, Death Note and now I'm watching Sailor Moon, it's really long.

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In my opinion they should not be underestimated, why?Anime usually talk about a story love, I mean, in every story there's a love story, even if the Anime is horror, adventure, fantasy or whatever you want.

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Famous anime: Attack on titans, Tokyo Ghoul, Pokemon, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and a lot of anime...

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They are actually series, but they're cartoons, this concept is pretty stupid, but that's the truth! In a lot of anime there are seasons and episode, obviously, and based on what I saw, every episode is pretty long, except for Sailor Moon, here every episede is like 21 minutes, but there're 6 seasons and 200 episodes!

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Like in every anime boys are Always really cute, vene if they're cartoons, and not real person, but a lot of girls fall in love with those boys, and I'm serious, that's pretty strange, I know.

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Cosplays! Cosplays are probably the coolest part, every time I see a cosplayer like working on a new costume I'm very surprised, why? Because it's like make a painting, It's really difficlut and the final result is like always beautiful (a lot of times).

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So for today is aall, and I hope that you enjoyed my article!
Bye people!