You guys really seemed to like my last articles, so I decided to write an other one. If you have any requests for article, let me know. I hope that this one also inspires and helps you.

Find an extra space that makes you happy

We often need more than just work and home. It's nice to have extra places (coffee shop, gym, nice park, library) when you leave work but don't necessarily want to hang out at home. Plus, if you make yourself a regular at certain places, you’ll usually bump into the same people. Don't be shy!

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Take 15 minutes each night to make your mornings easier

You have heard it all before but you have heard it all before for a reason. It works! Prep coffee, pack your lunch, pick out your clothes... Just to the things you would to in the morning but you can also do in the evening.

Spread the love

Do something nice for someone you care about. Then they feel good, you get to know that you made them feel good, and overall your friendships will be super fun and fulfilling.

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WHI is the perfect platform to share the love online.

Change your sheets

Put clean bed sheets on every Sunday. It helps me feel fresh for the week ahead.

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Make a vision board

It sounds kinda naff, but fill it with images that inspire you. Beautiful things, places you’re planning to travel to, things like that... Hang up your vision board in your room so you see it everyday and stay inspired and motivated.

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I did one as well with pictures from WHI and I absolutely love it.

Make time every day to do something to make you smile

I love reading, and not only does it make me happy, it helps to relax and rejuvenate my mind so I can accomplish everything I want to do during the day. Sometimes I get lost in the books but at least I will be happy and remember happiness is the key.

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Spend time in the mornings setting yourself up for the day

If you do some things in the evening, as I already wrote, you have more time in the morning. The me time in the morning is really special. I sit in my bed facing the window, listen to a podcast, and spend some quiet time with myself.

Celebrate your wins

Try to remember accomplishments because being depressed makes you feel like you can’t do anything.

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Face your fears

This year I finally started to do things I always wanted to do. First I was nervous but actually it wasn’t so bad. So I decided to face more of them.

Do one thing everyday that scares you. Those small things that make us uncomfortable help us build courage to do the work we do.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Love yourself

Take a dry-erase marker and write something you like about yourself on a mirror which you look at every day. And remember everyone is beautiful!

Keep a list of things that make you happy

I keep a list of little things like comments, good experiences, and conversations that have made me happy in the notes on my phone. Whenever I’m feeling kind of sad or just cranky, I look through the list. It always makes me smile and remember why I have so much to be grateful for.

Enjoy the sun

I think the easiest way to make my life better is simply by having a cup of coffee near sunlight. Whether it’s sitting in my living room with the sun shining through the window or sitting on the porch, or even on a bench with a takeaway coffee. It’s the little things.

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