In the latest years it has been really popular to have a bright and white room. And I among many others love this type of interior.
So today I want to give you my ideas on how to make your room brighter and more white.

White walls

The most important thing is definitely white walls, because they make such a big difference.

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White bedding and pillows

Your bed is the key piece in your room, and it ties everything together. So if you want your room to seem brighter, then you have to have white or at least light colored bedding and pillows on your bed.

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Simple light colored wall art

Wall art also ties the room and the colors together. So make sure to chose some colors which fits and matches the other colors in your room. Ex if you have a grey plaid then it would look great with some grey pictures on the wall.

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White rugs

A white rug is also a great idea to make your room look brighter and more white.

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Lamps and natural light

Lamps and natural light makes such a big difference in your room. It lights up your room and makes it brighter.

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Mirrors reflect light and make your room look brighter and actually also bigger.

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Hope you enjoyed this article!