Do you have a small present for one of your friends and you want it to look more interessting?
For every present you obviously want it to look really cool and special. So here are some things you should note:

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Sometimes you have more than just one big present. Me, I prefer to buy some small ones instead of one big one. So you can buy all the things your friends loves. Put them all together in a Box. Make sure you wrap them similar but not the same. Maybe not wrap everything.

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The Wrapping

Wrappings can make a fantascic presents look even better. Everyone knows that it took you a while and it shows your friends that they are worth it.

  • Use washi tape
  • Use the right wrapping paper (that can also be news paper or maps)
  • Write or draw on the wrapping paper
  • Put tags with notes on it
  • Put sweets or other little things on top of it
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On top of every good present ther has to be a little note or Card. You dont have to wright a big essay into it. But just wright 2 or 3 words (for example "happy Birthday", "Merry X-Mas*, "Thank you".
Try to make this card on your one. That makes it even more personal.

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Something Selfmade

Try to top your present with something you did on your own. That could be the card. I love to do flowers on my own and tie them on top of the gift.

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