Hello, here are 10 different ways you can decorate your bedroom and make look so cosy and cute!

1. (Christmas) lights.

light, stars, and christmas image bedroom, room, and light image girl, light, and tumblr image light, bed, and candle image
literally so cute!

2. Clothing racks

fashion, style, and clothes image room, clothes, and white image aesthetic, classy, and clothes image clothes, room, and shoes image

3. Plants

plants, cactus, and pink image autumn, beautiful, and bed image plants, room, and tumblr image aesthetic and pink image

4. World Globes

foto, photo, and travel image book, photography, and vintage image girl, world, and light image globe, world, and aesthetic image

5. Instruments and record players

books, classical, and guitar image music, aesthetic, and grunge image room, vintage, and tumblr image art, classic, and friend image

6. maps

book, pink, and study image map, travel, and world image aesthetic, grunge, and tumblr image map, travel, and room image

7. Mirrors

heart, neon, and red image home, white, and interior image room, decor, and home image makeup, room, and white image

8. pictures/polaroids/paintings/quotes

light, photography, and polaroid image girl, light, and room image art and painting image flowers, aesthetic, and wall image

9. Tapestry

bed, bedroom, and cozy image boho, tapestry, and tumblr image room, bedroom, and tumblr image bedroom, light, and room image

10. Carpets

decor image room and white image

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