Why is losing weight so hard? Why is keeping it off even harder? Why do you start off full force and then lose steam after a short while? Habits are hard to change. Eating habits are particularly hard because you have to make choices everyday and several times a day, at that.

One way to keep your focus and motivation strong is to make a list of the reasons why you want to be thinner. Keep the list posted on your fridge, at your computer, on the bathroom mirror, wherever you will see it regularly. Here are some samples to get you started:

1. Girls want to be healthy

Obesity continues to be a risk factor for high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. A new study just came out suggesting a possible link between obesity and several cancers we didn’t know were linked before.

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2. Girls want to look good

This means different things to different people so it’s good to flesh this one out for yourself. Looking good may mean you want to wear a shirt tucked in with a belt, or you want to get into your smaller, more stylish clothes.

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3. Girls want to fit in

Whether it’s right or not, being fat in our society today is not a good thing. If we were living in the time that Rubens was painting women, then Delta Burke, Emme and Anna Nicole Smith (at her heaviest) would have been the supermodels. Most of us aren’t interested in trying to look like supermodels, we just don’t want to need the seat belt extension on the plane. We don’t want to have to shop at Lane Bryant. We don’t want to be the fattest one in the room and we don’t want to get glared at when we eat in public.

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4. Girls want to be able to walk, run, ski, bike, hike and/or skate

All physical activity is more difficult when you carry around a lot of extra weight.

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5. Girls want to date

Of course you can date when you are heavy but your choices will be fewer. If it is motivating to you, put a picture of a hot guy on your fridge.

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6. Girls want to get off high blood pressure medication

Many girls are able to get off these types of medications when they bring their weight down to a healthy range.

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7. Girls want to be able to get up and down easily

When you are heavy every time you get up and down you are lifting all that weight. This takes a toll.

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8. Girls want to sleep better

Extra weight can cause sleep related problems. When you are very heavy and lay down the pressure of the weight can make breathing difficult. Even turning over in bed is hard when you are very big.

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9. Girls want to feel good about themselves

There are few things one can do in life as dramatic as losing 100 pounds. There are people who have lost up to l80 lbs. and have gone from not being able to walk, to running and riding a bike. The joy these people feel in getting their lives back is amazing. They not only feel better physically but they love themselves.

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If you are motivated by the good things you will get by losing weight, then try making your own list. Motivation can come and go. In order to lose weight and keep it off, it helps to keep your motivation strong.