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We were Liars:

This is one of my favorite books, and since it is a mystery, I though that it incorporated well into this fall theme. This book is about a very wealthy family. The family spends every summer on the private island off Massachusetts. The main character, Cady, is in a group of four with her two cousins, and a family friend whom she is in love with. They were the liars. During summer 2015, the liars did many memorable things, but it ended in a tragedy. Cady loses her memory and two years later she is back on the island trying to figure out what happened.

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Eleanor & Park

Parts of this story make me feel warm inside just like fall, which is why I decided to incorporate it in here. It is a story that takes place in 1987, about two young kids who fall in love. The story shows the perspective of both Eleanor and Park as they both fall in love and deal with the struggles of their lives. *Spoiler warning the end is very sad.

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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

*DISCLAIMER I couldn't find a picture on weheartit of the cover of this book, so I put this one, which is by the same author. Fangirl is a really good book, but I did not put it in here because it can be found on every other book list.

Lincon gets a new job at an office, but his job isn't ordinary. He is there at night to go through the office-workers emails, to check if they were doing anything inappropriate. He begins getting fascinated with the emails interchanged between Beth and Jennifer. He finds their stories so interesting, and slowly but surely, begins to develop feelings for Beth.

* That was it guys!! I'm sorry it was short but I wanted to make sure that every book I put in here definitely gave me fall vibes. I will be crafting more fall articles for you guys, such as fall shows and music. I will also be putting out non-fall themed articles about books, music, food, fashion, and me! Thank you so much for reading

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