I hadn’t planned writing this. I was about to go to sleep but, as I do, I started thinking, and I wanted to talk. Here-
I don’t really have friends. I mean I have friends, but there is no group of people I can just be myself and feel the way I feel around. I need that. I’ve never had people I could just cry to and with and around and I need that; I crave that. I want to cry and I want to have people to genuinely care and I want to cry when they cry just because I love them so much.
I want to be surrounded by unconditional love. I want to call my friends my family; even though my family’s great and I love them but I think there’s something different. I want to be chosen. I want a person to meet me and like me enough to make the conscious decision to accept me and want me to be a part of their life seriously.
It’s not even romantic or sexual. It’s just a friendship. I want someone who will tell me their coming over for a sleep over when I say that I’m feeling upset; and someone I can do it to back.

Love, Katelyn