Hey guys!

So in this article you can see some tattoos that may help you to get some ideas about what tattoo you want to have.
You have to fall in love with the tattoo because it will be on your skin forever.

tattoo, rabbit, and bunny image
A cute bunny for gentle animal lovers
tattoo, art, and tumblr image
Based on: Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti
tattoo and moon image
For the ones who want to have the moon on their neck
Image by nasty gal.
For Artic Monkeys fans
Mature image
For the ones who are in love with love
tattoo, flowers, and rose image
A big tattoo for girls
Temporarily removed
For music lovers
tattoo, snake, and scar image
For ex-cutters
tattoo, planet, and art image
If you choose this, your mind's end is in the universe
tattoo, rose, and flowers image
A girly tattoo
Image removed
A beautiful tattoo on stomach
Temporarily removed
Are you an American Horror Story fan? If yes, this is for you
Temporarily removed
For hopeless romantics
tattoo, paris, and london image
For the people who loves travelling

I hope I've been of some help for you. This isn't my last article about tattoos, so wait for it:3