You really don't know what it means to be depressed right?
Have you ever tried that feeling?
I don't think so...
Anyway... I Want you to read this until the end
Depression? What is that?
Depression doesn't mean Sadness! Because sadness is a feeling that doesn't last long..
Depression is not just a fleeting feeling! It's a fatal disease!
But don't worry, it may have a temporary treatment
How can I know if I'm depressed?
To be depressed means many things like...
- when you are tired but you can't sleep, or when you sleep too long and you don't want to wake up!
- Depression is when you feel so tired without doing anything!
- When you are hungry but you can't eat, or even when you are full but you can't stop eating!
- To be depressed means you can't stop thinking about everything, you keep thinking until your head burns
- Or when you have a lot to say, but you can't speak..
- depression is when you want to cry so much because of a reason that you may know or even when you don't know why!
Why we may become depressed?
I'm not sure but I'm gonna tell you that depressed may comes from just one reason as I think... And I deduced it from a special experience!
That reason is... "Everything around us"
Don't be surprised! I'll tell you what is it that "Everything "...
Well, it may be people or things.. Or maybe words that we hear it all the time, or actions we do...
It could be anything you feel through your five senses..
So ... How can we treat or get rid of depression?
As I told you before, there can be only temporary treatment... But as long as you know the reasons so you can find solutions to them..
I can help you if I told you that you can keep that depression a little away by giving you some tips and suggestions, and you are free to choose what to do...
- if you are a secluded person but you are not comfortable with this, you can try to accompany people but be careful when you choose them
- And if you are a social person, you have to move away a bit, and that is what I recommend cause you can't be comfortable only with yourself
- As I advise you too, to become close to the things you prefer, those little things that let you dispense with people, for example a hobby you like, or a talent you possess.. I don't know but you have to discover yourself
- Sometimes, you have to ignore some of what you hear, especially the negative words that frustrate you, just pretend like you believe what they say, but in your depths don't!
- be confident, be yourself! And don't listen to anyone but you.. Because Only you can decide what to do ... Treat everyone superficially and don't deepen in them
Finally, if you get depression once, it will come back to you many times after, and over time you will get used to it
So.. If you are a depressed person, I should congratulate you, because you have the most serious and common mental illness in the world