Have you ever got that feeling?
the feeling of butterflies in your stomach?
The feelings you get from; when they
call you beautiful or say how much they love you.
The feeling of safe as they'll stay up late at night over the phone, because you're scared.
The feeling of anxiety because who knows what might happen next?
The feeling of crying because they accepted your name and title.
The feeling of being number one to them.

You feel so many emotions yet scared to lose them all at once, you're obsessed with their coffee brown eyes and soft tan skin tone. Angelic you can say. But those were the description of someone who broke you. Someone who made you feel the emotion of lost, the feeling of not worth it.
The feeling of heartbroken.

Coffee brown eyes, soft tan skin tone, rose pink lips that can make you fall to your knees anytime. But also the lips that stole your first kiss. The color of love mixture onto their lips yet all that came out of their mouth were scream and
"I hate you"
Coffee brown eyes, soft tan skin tone, rose pink lips, black short goddess hair that you'll always move to the side; so you can view their smile better than before. The hair you wanted to comb whenever they'll be tired. The hair that'll be fix on the wedding day, with the mascara embracing their brown eyes along with rouge on their lips. Hiding the rose pink on their
Out of all the things why the lips? Was it because those were the lips that said I hate you? Was it because you didn't loved them enough? Or was it because red was hiding the words of "Hate" and adding a layer of "Love" to it. Were you being lied to all along?

The feeling of anxiety.
The feeling of unwanted.
The feeling of madness.
The feeling of hatred.
The feeling of falling to your knees to the color of pink, brown, black, tan.
The feeling of your hand and heart clutching whenever you see them.
The feeling of losing the feeling.
Have you ever got that feeling?
The feeling of losing your number one.

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