Hi guys!

this is an article about clothes that for me are a MUST in your closet for this fall

1. leather jacket

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I personally think leather jacket are just never gonna go out of style soooo embrace them AND wear them cause they are just so cool !!

2. sweaters

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the main reason why I love winter and fall are the sweaters, they are just so damn comftarble and warm , sweaters can be very fashionable too .

3. knee boots

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knee boots are so pretty in my opinion with some mini dress or when its a little bit colder you can wear it with a really big sweater like a dress and it can be a cute reguler day outfit .

4. boyfriend\ mom jeans

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boyfriend\ mom jeans for me are my fav trend cause jeans usually are
tight and skinny jeans, and FINALLY we get a break with these loose jeans. for me this can be a great look with some boots with a little bit of heel and a cute short sweater is totally a cute fall look. can totally nail these jeans with sneakers.

5. scarfs

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for me scarfs are just one of the best accessoires there is in winter and fall or any cold situations, scarf can add so much more in what ever outfit you're wearing, like you can put on a basic outfit and then add a scarf and it will be such a cute outfit.

so thats it guys again this is all in my opinon and you can add much more from your own brain and fashion style .
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thank you so much for reading, love you guys !!!!