Can't I say it all changed when I saw him?

You were walking down the hallway, I was standing by my locker laughing at something random my friend had said.
In that instant, right there I felt it, the whole zoo that had broken out in my stomach because butterflies weren't enough, you turned and the smile you threw my way was enough to make my whole brain a mess.

Can that be the start to our story, can at least the beginning be ... magical?

Like the time I spotted you walking down the hallway, ear phones in your ear as if you could block out the whole world. Yet you still chose to walk alongside mine heading to class, when yours was at least a floor above. Or what about that time you made me laugh so hard, the tears spilling out of my eyes didn't hurt. Let's not forget the time we rescued a dog together, because you were just that kind of person.

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And the first time I told you it was you and only you,

"He talks to you like you're his lover, and he's just waiting for the perfect time to kidnap you!"
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The tone in your voice more worried than angry, making me smile because it was like you didn't know that the only person that mattered to me was standing right in front of me worrying about another guy.

"Why are you crying?"

And that worried tone made me want to cry even more.

"I'm not."

But even I wouldn't believe that, especially not when I could feel the cold trail they left along my cheeks.

"Princess you know I can't stand it when you cry..."

And the way you wiped of the tears, the way it felt to have you close, arms wrapped around me as if you could fight it all for me, had the words spilling out.

"I love you."

The way you froze for a minute had me in a panic, I pulled back but your hold just got stronger.

"I love you too, now why are you crying?"

And just like that you had chased all the worries away, leaving me in a laughing mess, while you stood there a bit confused.

Why couldn't that be all there was to our story?