Hello my lovely beauty licornes ~

Even if most people start their school at the beginning of the September, I started mine only this week. The first week is always composed of introductory lectures and seminars, so it wasn´t that exhausting even if I have to admit that I´m really tired. Since almost all of us already started another school year, I would like to share with you some makeup products. I chose them mostly thanks to their easy and quick application. All of you surely know it - every single morning is almost the same and I´m not speaking about a time when you accidentally oversleep. My morning routine is composed of a morning hygiene, skin care, doing makeup, eating breakfast, picking the clothes etc. That´s why I like using products which aren´t very time-consuming.

Continue reading and you will find out which I am speaking about.

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I would like to start with a product used for the eyes. I would like to talk about eye pencil Revlon Luxurious Colour in a 501 Black Velvet shade. Recently I gave up on eyeliners and I started to use eye pencils. I can work with them better and they look more natural on the eyelid. You can also easily blend them too. I really like this pencil but it would be so awesome if it was available also in an automatic version. But well, khajal ones are good too.

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Sharpening them may be a bit exhausting so be careful not to drop it on the floor or somewhere. You don´t want to break it inside. On the other end of the pencil there is a little "foam" brush to blend and make smoother lines which looks better and more natural. It has a black pigmentation, it doesn´t fade during the day and after fixing the eyelid it doesn´t stamp on the upper lid. I would be it again ♥

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I haven´t been using eyeliners recently but it doesn´t mean I don´t use them at all. During the summer I started to like their brown versions which look more matural and softer. That´s why I didn´t resist and expanded my collection with a liquid eyeliner Rimmel London Glam Eyes in a shade 002 Velver Brown. Brush is very practical and much more thinner but that´s great! Thanks to it you can make more precise, softer and thinner line. It doesn´t stamp, doesn´t fade and doesn´t crumble too. Even after a few hours. But I have to say that its primal pigmentation isn´t that good - you can re-apply it at least one more time after drying. On the other hand it´s really good for its price.

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I didn´t forget the cheeks at all! Blush is an amazing and easy way how to make your face sparkling, how to freshen it and how to provide it a youthful appearance. In my case I chose a cream blush Rimmel London Royal Blush in a shade 003 Coral Queen for this purpose. Shade is very vibrant, fresh and neutral. Cream blush has also one special feature - it doesn´t make a place where it´s applied drier. You can apply it in a small amount or hightlight your cheeks with a bit more. I don´t have any reservations against it.

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