VALKYRIE (Scandinavia)

Warrior woman who chooses who dies or lives in battle.

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KELPIE (Scotland)

Water horse that lures victims to ride on its back to their doom.

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BASILISK (British Isles)

Winged, cockerel-headed reptile that murders with a single glance.

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BANSHEE (Ireland)

Female spirit that screams as an omen of death.

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PEGASUS (Greece)

Winged stallion that helps heroes conquer deadly foes.

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Multi-headed hellhound that guards the entrance to the underworld.

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MEDUSA (Greece)

Snake-haired woman whose direct gaze petrifies.

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UNICORN (Greece)

Dazzling horse with a spiraling horn.

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PHOENIX (Greece)

Fire bird that eternally regenerates from its own ashes.

floor, phoenix, and sculpture - 'forest image