1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
This is a classic and a perfect movie for anyone to watch on Halloween. If you haven't already seen this movie a million times like i have then i definitely recommend it.

gif, jack, and nightmare before christmas image

2. IT by stephen king (1990)
- Im going to admit the first time is saw this movie it freaked me out so bad. But if you like scary movies then this is the movie for you. This movie is more of a creepy movie rather than scary but you will still get chills from seeing this creepy clown.

it, clown, and movie image

3. Hocus Pocus
- This movie is another disney classic that you need to add to your list of amazing movies. This movie is a perfect way to get into the halloween spirit. It is also the perfect movie for kids.

Image by Branton Vargas Machuca C

4. Halloweentown
- Words can never explain how much i love this movie. It was a huge part of my childhood and it is such a great movie. If you have never seen this movie it is an amazing movie for everyone to watch with their families.

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5. The Corpse Bride
- I feel like this movie is so good but so underrated. Despite what you have heard this movie combines creepy and comedy so well. The animation is this movie is also very amazing and its is an overall good movie for you to watch this Halloween

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6. Twitches
- This movie is great for a cozy Disney movie night. It is a classic teen Halloween movie that many people enjoy. Personally i remember watching this movie and waiting for it to come on Disney channel every October, i definitely recommend this movie.

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7. The Addams Family
- Now i know literally everyone has heard of this either as a movie or a show. This is a great representation of halloween. I mean who wouldn,t want a family that is obsessed with Halloween and has weird creatures running around all over the place? Am i right?

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8. Coraline
- Now this movie gave me the creeps for a few weeks but it is still an amazing movie. It still gives me the chills every time i watch it even though i have seen it quite a few times. But Coraline will probably a classic movie for a while. So i recommend watching it once or twice this Halloween.

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9. Casper
- Not only does this movie take me back to my childhood but it is also kid-friendly. Lets all admit that casper is hella cute. Which makes me love the movie even more than i already do.

ghost and casper image

10. Harry Potter
- Now if you want to have movie marathon then this is the series for you.These movies will probably never die and if you have never seen them then drop everything you are doing right now and go watch. They are the perfect movies for a rainy day.

harry potter, gryffindor, and hermione granger image

Well thats all for today. I feel like most of these movies just get me in the Fall/Halloween spirit. As you can telll i like my fair share of disney movies and maybe a few scary movies. So go get cozy and watch so movies! Until next time... - Jaz