Today is the eight day of the 15 days writing challenge!
Hope you enjoy :D

Day 8

Make a list of your favorite destinations.

I will tell you some places out of my country I have been to:

  • Italy

I was in Italy about 4 times and I loved it every single time! It is just such a beautiful country and the sea is amazing!

Image removed
  • Egypt

I was in Egypt with my grandmother and it was gorgeous! I saw an octopus and many colorful fish!

fish, orange, and nemo image
  • Croatia

I was in Croatia with my sister and parents and really enjoyed it! It was one of my favourite halidays :D

sunset, croazia, and otok krk image
  • Switzerland

I was in Switzerland with my family this holiday and it was awesome! It was my first time seeing so big mountains, so I was amazed! And the nature there is just gorgeous!

mountains, house, and snow image
amazing, blue, and clear image
This is not my photo but I was at the exact same place and it is so beautiful! This lake is called Blausee :D

And I can´t forget, that we saw the Rechenbachfall - Sherlock Holmes, right? :D

sherlockholmes image

Thank you for reading my article! If you want to tell me something, you can send me a message so we can talk :D


PS: Today´s song is:

BTS - MIC Drop

Sorry, I know I add BTS´s new album song every time, but I just love it so much!

September 23, 2017