I'm mostly not who people think I am. But in a positive way :). Hi, my name is Joliene and here are a few facts about me.

1. My birthday is on the 16th of april and we started celebrating it in 1999. Which makes me 18 years old today. It's a great age, but I definitely don't act like this, only when I need to. It's the same with shaving my legs, I don't: unless I'm forced or obligated when I'm planning on wearing a dress.

2. I was born in Amsterdam, then moved to a village with 5 people and cow, then when I was 3, I moved to another village 15 minutes further where I grew up for another 15 years and now I'm living on my own. Basically because my college is too far away from my home.

3. I sing and have dreamed of signing up for The Voice of Holland since I was 12 but I still haven't done it and secretly imagine my 30 year old ass standing up there with the excuse, "I was too insecure". I am tho, so I won't ever do it, but it keeps replaying in my head.

4. I am in love with every sort of music, fashion, makeup, aesthically pleasing stuff, beautiful blue ocean destinations which I can never afford, my incredible boyfriend, my ginea pig bubbles, ed sheeran, dancing, kelsey simone, people, PUGS, white things and palmtrees.

5. I'm getting a palmtree tattooed on my ancle because they are part of my positivity and I also want to get a little tattoo either on my fingers or behind my ear someday.

6. I've never in my entire life dyed my hair and I prefer not to since my hair is normally dark blonde to light brown, dark brown in the winter, light brown with blonde highlights in spring and blonde in summer, all because of the sun and I love the sun for doing that. Also my natural hair is curly but I torture it everyday with a straightner, you will hardly ever see me with my normal hair.

7. I worked in a supermarket for 2 years and when I was forced to leave for college, I cried. Just because I was going to miss the amazing people there and all their beautiful hearts and not because of the work. It was terrible. Since the time I started working there I've realized everywhere you go, it's about the people you're with. Surround yourself with the good ones.

8. My uncle inspires me the most when it comes to learning new things. He travels around the world for his job nowadays and speaks 7 languages, including Spanish, so that's when I got a Spanish aunt. I am in love with the Spanish language and started taking classes this year, I've never been so obessed with a language. I now speak Dutch and English and can speak German, French and a little bit of Spanish.

9. I have had braces for over 4 years and had surgery on my upper jaw. But I still have a "cornerteeth" which is a lot shorter than the rest of my teeth. It is actually the only thing that makes me really insecure and afraid of meeting new people. To me it's really obvious that it's not right and I can't stand myself sometimes because of that.

10. I have an obsession with pictures, cameras, photography and videos. I love every single detail or little bit of effort people put in pictures and I need everything to be colour-coordinated, otherwise my brain ditches me. As much as I have an obsession with that, I'm also obsessed with purses, bags, jewelry and shoes.

11. For some sort of reason my heart has high-end stuff as a preference but since I don't have the money for that I dream of overpriced things way too much. There's still nothing wrong with all the afforable fashion, I love that. That's my entire closet. My heart just loves to give me heartaches over the money that i don't have.

12. I live by the plant-based rule and I try to be as healthy as I can. I love going to the gym since I started seeing the results. I also love swimming in the sea/ocean and I sometimes live under the motto of: "Life is better in a bikini".

13. I'm terrible at making friends sometimes but I have literally no problem talking and socializing with people I'm pretty sure I'm never going to see again or if they start talking to me first in a very enthusiastic way. I love it when people start off happy.

14. My favourite things in this world are things that have to do with traveling. I'm obsessed with taking off when flying, it gets me so excited and it's one of the best feelings ever. Until we're up in the air, then I am the most chaotic and exhausted person you ever know because dying in a plane crash is my biggest fear. But I love planes.

15. Taking notes and being organized is one of the most satisfying this to do for me and it's makes me feel better sometimes. I am studying vitality and tourism management and I've never had such cute notes. Not that your study has anything to do with your notes, but okay.

16. My entire room is black, white and grey because I love the aesthetic feeling that it gives. In comparison to that I have way too many bright coloured hoodies that I'm in love with.

17. My full name contains 3 names and a last name and I'm very proud of that. I also hate spiders and my favourite animal of all time is a TURTLE. My biggest dreams are going to Hawaii to swim with a wild sea turtle, publishing my own book, moving to California and build a new life up there, someday starting a youtube channel, joining the voice, being an online influencer on instagram, reaching 10k on weheartit and having my own clothing line.

I have a lot of things I dream of and I really want to become a better person someday. I want to work until I don't have to introduce myself anymore and I really wish I can be more confident someday.

Feel free to send me a message because I love talking to all your beautiful hearts. If you have any questions or just want to mention something, let me know.

Lots of love,