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1: Oil Cleanser
Oil cleanser are facial oils designed to remove makeup and sunscreen.
[How to apply] Massage your face with a few pumps to dissolve makeup. Add water to emulsify the oil and wash off.

2: Foam cleanser
Foaming cleansers are cleansers that create a gentle foam. This is the 2nd part of the process called Double Cleansing.
[How to apply] Combine with water to lather up a nice foam.
TIP! You can substitute gel or cream cleansers if foam is drying!

3: Toner/Booster
Asian toners/boosters are generally more for prepping the skin for later steps while adding moisture! They are usually very light fluids!
[How to apply] Use your hands or a cotton pad and gently apply to clean skin!

4: Essence/Serum/Ampoule
Essence, serums and ampoules are highly concentrated products that cater to many skin issues.
[How to apply] Pump some product and apply evenly to skin.

5: Emulsion/Lotion
Emulsions and lotions are lighter moisturizers. Many are used to calm and soothe skin as well as hydrate.
[How to apply] Pump some product and apply evenly to skin!

6: Eye Cream
Eye creams are just moisturizers for the skin around your eyes. Some are firming, lifting or brightening!
[How to apply] Use your ring finger to gently apply cream to lids, corners and under eyes.

7: Sheet Masks
Sheet masks are cotton, collagen or gel masks soaked in essence to cater to many needs!
[How to apply] Remove mask form package and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes! Pat remaining into skin!
TIP! Refrigerate 30mins before for cooling effect!

8: Spot Treatment
Typically salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide gels and creams to target spots! There are also hydrocolloid patches to suck out pimples with heads!
[How to apply] Apply a small amount to trouble areas. Use sunscreen if applying during the day.

9: Cream
Creams are thicker moisturizers that provide heavy hydration to skin. They generally come in tubs or tubes!
[How to apply] Apply as needed to clean face!

10: Sleeping Pack
Sleeping packs or masks are heavier, thicker and a lot of times stickier creams or gels that provide moisture at night!
[How to apply] Apply a layer all over face. Leave on overnight and was off in the morning.

Physical or chemical sunscreens protect skin from sun damage/burns/ Aim for SPF 30+!
[How to apply] Apply liberally to all skin exposed to sun! Reapply often in the sun!

It is a good idea to exfoliate a few times a week! There are some products such as BHA liquid that can be used daily. Scrubs and peeling gels generally should be limited to a few times a week. You should exfoliate after cleansing!