Hi, hello. My name-my pen name-is Lunerija. I know, you're probably just like ... "what the heck does that say, or mean". Well, here is what is says, and here is what it means:
Lunerija - Loo-ner( like the ner in nerd)-ee( like when you see something scary and you're all like "ee!!")-juh (but go easy on the j)
I know this makes no sense what-so-ever but hear me out. I am not, nor do I wanna be just another teenage girl.
I own a pair of holographic superstars, but I'm not basic, no, not at all.
Me creating that alias, is me creating someone that I want to be. It's me, but deep on the inside. It is the part of me no one knows or sees, the part of me I don't see unless I'm dreaming.
One day, she will reach the surface.
Honey, I would love to go on and tell you about me and my crazy little life, but in that there title above I said I would tell you my autumn playlist. So here, and If you've made it this far, thanks. Really, thanks.

Let me just say that I really freaking love Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver. His music, their music, it's timeless, and it has helped me more than they will ever know. Get this, this song is just a cover. Be warned, if you're anything less than shallow, this will probably cut your heart right open.

Here's another one of my current favorites. I can't quite grasp this one yet, but I'm getting it slowly. Lianne La Havas's falsetto in this soft, peaceful little delight of a song is sheer grace. "Electricity lingers, in our fingers"

Okay, this is another that touches me because I just understand. I don't know how, but I do. Daughter is a new territory for me, but with every listen they grow on me. This song is hauntingly nostalgic and hints at the emblem of love and lost and recovery when everything that you thought was so perfect crashes and burns.

New song updates to come, but thanks for reading my rambling.
9/23/17 xx Lunerija