Hi lovely people,
It’s that time year to once again assess our wardrobes and see what we have — and don’t have — for the upcoming season.
This fall there are a lot of new trends but also trends that we've already seen last seasons.
I live in nyc and decided to look aroud and write down what i see a lot of people wearing lately.
Let's start :)

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
― Oscar Wilde


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We've seen this trend a lot in the fashion weeks this fall. Personally I love this trend, I think the woman who wear this look like girlbosses. It screams girl power!

Formal style / blouses

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The formal style is really coming back this season. I personally think teh blouses look very good with golden neclaces / rings.

Gold detailing

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Gold can make you look very cheap. But if you style it right and gold looks good on you you should really try to style gold accessories in your outfits.

Cozy sweaters

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YES of course the cozy sweaters are back, as Always. I love them.

Political statements

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This is my favorite trend. I love the feminism / equality trend! These shirts have a very important message. I love to see the amazing quotes on people their clothing.

Sheer tops

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I love this trend so so much. I personally have the top from the left picture ( from brandy melville ) and i Always get compliments on it!

Rock-ish style

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Yep, it's still here.


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Personally I really dislike this trend. I don't like this color on me ( i have blonde hair and grey/blue eyes ) but if you look good in this color go for it!