As I love Disney I have to do this chalenge, even I'm not a person who does challenge very often.... hope you'r agree with me.

1- Your favorite character:
Peter Pan from Peter Pan

disney, movie, and peter pan image

2 - Your favorite princess:
Ariel from The little mermaid

ariel, disney, and mermaid image

3 - Your favorite heroin:
Mulan from Mulan

mulan and disney image

4 - Your favorite prince:
Prince Eric from The Litlle Mermaid

eric image

5 - Your favorite hero
Robin Hood from Robin Hood

disney, gif, and tumblr image

6 - Your favorite animal:
Flounder from The Little Marmaid

ariel, disney, and the little mermaid image

7- Your favorite sidekick:
Mushu from Mulan

gif, mushu, and lovely image

8 - Your favorite villan:
Cruella de vill fom One Hundred and One Dalmatais

disney, 101 dalmatians, and cruella de vil image

9 - Your favorite original character:
Mickey Mouse

disney, mickey, and mickey mouse image

10 - Your favorite song:
Colors of the wind from Pocahontas

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11 - Your favorite parent:
Marlin from Finding Nemo

anemone, marlin, and finding nemo image

12 - The first movie you ever saw:
Snow white

snow white, disney, and princess image

13 - Your favorite kiss:
Peter & Wendy from Peter pan's great adventure

peter pan, love, and kiss image

14 - Your favorite pixar flim:
The incredibles

disney, The Incredibles, and pixar image

15 - Your favorite sequel:
Toy Story

toy story, toys, and woody image

16 - An overraded movie:

frozen, elsa, and disney image

17- An unrrated movie:

disney, brave, and merida image

18 -Your favorite quote:
Peter Pan from Peter Pan

peter pan, quotes, and adventure image

19 - Your favorite theme park:
Magic Kingdom

disney, disneyland, and tumblr image

20 - Your favorite outfit:
Jasmine from Aladdin

jasmine and princess image

21 - Most magical moment:

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22 - Your favorite show:
Hannah Montana

hannah montana, miley cyrus, and memories image

23 - saddest death:
Mufasa from The Lion King

sad, simba, and disney image

24 -The movie I dislike the most:

pinocho pepegrillo disney image

25 - The character I dislike the most:
Alice from alice in wanderland

alice, alice in wonderland, and wonderland image

26 - Your favorite villian song:
Cruella de vill

disney, cruella, and cruella de vil image

28 -Last movie you saw:

brave, gif, and warrior image

29 - The movie you watch over an over again:
The Pareny Trap

lindsay lohan, movie, and disney image

30 - Your favorite least movie:

moana, disney, and princess image