As promised in my Slytherpuff article, some wonderful examples of conversations between a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff. Enjoy!

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1. Contradiction, much?

The difference between the two houses is huge, but it's also a fascinating factor in their relationship.

Hufflepuff: I am so awake and ready for the day! The sun is beautiful and I am so happy to be alive.

Slytherin: I've had 30 minutes of sleep for the last five days and I can smell sounds. Please kill me.

2. A typical Slytherin

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Slytherin: I've been dropping subtle hints that I love them.

Hufflepuff: (walks by)

Slytherin: I lo- hate you.

3. A typical Hufflepuff

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Hufflepuff: I bet I could fit the whole world in my hands!

Slytherin: That's physically impossible.

Hufflepuff: (cups Slytherin's face) Are you sure?

Slytherin: (blushing) Stop it, I have a reputation.

4. The truth has been told, right?

I love how, no matter what, a Hufflepuff does not think of a Slytherin as someone who's unemotional.

Hufflepuff: How can you hate Slytherin? They're the most smol, soft thing in this whole world.

Slytherin: (wiping blood off their face) Yeah, I'm adorable.

5. Savage

Like I said in my last Slytherin (Harry Potter) article, they're such a great team when it comes to being humoristic, sarcastic or fun in general.

Hufflepuff: Wow, three tattoos! Those are pretty permanent you know.

Slytherin: Wow, three kids! Those are pretty damn permanent, Hufflepuff.

6. A normal, daily conversation?

I seriously doubt the fact you can call it normal. Typical, maybe?

Slytherin: (closes a cabinet)

(a crash is heard behind the cabinet door)

Hufflepuff: What was that?

Slytherin: (raises glass of orange juice) The sound of someone else's problem.

7. WARNING: cuteness overload

Slytherin: (laying face-down on their bed)

Hufflepuff: Hey, Sly. You doing okay?

Slytherin: (muffled) I just need a bit of a break from everything. Including existing.

Hufflepuff: Alright. If that's what you want.

(plops face-down on Slytherin's bed with them)

8. Really?

Hufflepuff: It's the inside that matters, not the outside.

Slytherin: Really? Give me an example.

Hufflepuff: The refrigerator.

Slytherin: (shrugs) Makes sense.


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