One of our favorite home spaces is surely our room:) It must be exactly as we want it to be. These are some tips that will make your room even more beautiful!

1.put stickers on the walls

this is a good way to make your room different without big effort. Also with the stickers you don't have to put a wallpaper.

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I think lights is the most beautiful way to decorate your bedroom! So your room is bright and special.

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3. paintings and pictures

it is very beautiful to have a picture with your friends or with your familly in your room. Also is an easy way to decorate your office. If you have a favorite painting that you get inspired by it you should have it and in your bedroom.

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4. Flowers and plants

If you like a more exotic style then you will also like this advice!

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5. mirrors
i will not say much about this advice. Just for me a mirror in my room is necessary

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