Hi guys, it's nice to be here, never imagined this but, here I am. My name is not Hannah, I'm Jenna and I'm Kamila's best friend and she invited me for write this article talking about suicide, it's a honor and a pleasure to do it so, let's start!

I don't know if it is in the whole world but now, in September we are in the Yellow September, to prevent suicide, to raise awareness people and give for this the importance that it should have.

With this in mind we'll try to help you see that your life is more important than you can imagine, that this is not the only one escape, you're not alone and doesn't exist anything that you can't win in this world, you can win yourself, believe it.

First: you really know yourself?

You're more sensitive or more prison? Did you prefer the summer or winter? What's pass in your head when you're trying to sleep? People that hurts you or yours biggest dreams? I'm just doing these questions because even if a wind in a hot afternoon can make you smile, can inspire you, can give you a memorable moment and... The world is trying to mold us so hard in every way even in our friends circle or family, you need to be sincerely with you and protect yourself because it is what's makes you, what makes you happy, what you have to call yours, pure yours. Be who you want to be, what you really is. Don't be afraid to be who you are, be afraid to what they would do knowing that you're not what you show. The truth is always the best away honey.

Second: You're brave.

Did you know that? Just to being here, alive, reading this and living every single day with all difficulties, with all problems, with all these thinks, you're trying to be better, you're killing the part in you that say: "give up, give up". You're brave even you don't believe in this, even you can't see that. You're brave and still being while you're breathing. Thank you for be brave. Thank you for be breathing.

Third: What about life?

You know how many cities have in your state? How many countries have in your continent? How many countries have in this world? Don't want to know it? You like nature? You ever heard about the beautiful and biggest natures reserves in this world? Don't want to try it? You like science? God you need to see what's the genius have makes for your happiness and I think you can help they. Baby, yeah, the world is a chaos but you can find happiness in the craziest places, you can find a smile in a children that is hungry, so, look at you, you have desires, your want things, anyone can imprison you, you have the force you need to fight for yourself, to fight for someone, to fight for what you wants, you're the force.

Fourth: who is perfect?

I have the answer and is not that guy that always have a smile in his face, is not that girl who is full of makeup and girls or boys around her. Anyone. Anyone is perfect. People are mean at you because they wants something that you have, they see something special in you and if they don't have this, they'll do the best for you don't see or don't even know that you have it. Be careful with who you admire, with who you think that is better than you. Good people have a good heart, good people love each other, help each other, so, if someone is trying to put you down, know that they mouth is full of lies, know that they are just afraid with all the potential that you have and you'll show for everybody one day. Know that your heart is full of flowers, even if they are looking sad now, they need the sun light to be happy and the mean words or acts is trying to block this. I gave you all the permission to be deaf, mute and blind for they even if they are your parents, they'll see that are wrong in all these years. Do it.

Fifth: your biggest gun is your smile.

They tried to put you down? Smile. They called you ugly? Smile. They touched you? Just count up to three and get out. Life is trying to say to you that she are bigger than you? That your problems, goals, dreams, fears or even a disease is bigger than you and than what you can do? She. Is. Lying. I said one and I'll said twice, you're bigger than anything you want to be. You can handle this with a smile and a high heels baby, you have people by your side even if they are in a big distance or you don't know they still. They exist and will fight for you best, for your success. I, Jeniffer Diane, believe in you. You can.

Sixth: Is someone bothering you?

Someone. It can be anyone. A girl, a boy, a children, a old man or women, your sister, your father, your mother. Anyone, did you hear it? They are making anything that you don't like? Did somebody hit you? Course you? Did somebody treated you with violence verbally or physically? You have all the right and reason to search for help. You can talk with your friend's mother or your teacher, you can talk with your doctor, your grandmother, with your old sister or brother, you have to talk about it with who you have confidence, you can talk with cops, with your minister. Dear you don't have to accept what you don't want, what you don't think that it's right. You're a human, you have to be treated with respect, with love, with kind. Don't be afraid to talk, just know that it's important to yourself to make it. Remember? You need to be sincerely with you. And don't let anyone say for you that it is a bullshit, that you're wrong, that you must be seeing things from another angle, no. You know what you feel, you're big and smart enough to know what's right and what's wrong, remember how hard it was to say all this and when you say defend every word. Whoever says the truth always wins.